Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Train Derailment

Once the train has left the tracks, it ceases to be a transportation vehicle. Everything that the train does from the moment it leaves the tracks until it finally comes to rest is destructive. Nothing productive can come from a train wreck. What is usually left in the wake of such an event is wreckage, debris, dead bodies, torn up track, and damage to the infrastructure itself, usually a bridge, buildings, roads, etc.

The problem that we have in America is that the train left the tracks several years ago. There are those in our society who feel that simply because the locomotive is still sliding forward everything is OK, even though cars are shattering off, wrecking everything in their path. There is a substantive difference between the condition of the two states of affairs. The path we are currently on is destructive.

Everything the current administration is doing is counter-productive. The long-term effects of the current fiscal policies are damaging to the country. Raising the debt ceiling trillions of dollars, increasing our national debt exponentially, and devaluing the dollar will have serious negative unintended consequences. Printing more dollars to pay debt simply increases inflation and the long-term effects will be more devastating than simply not printing the dollars or paying the debt.

In nearly every area, America is in decline. Morally, politically, ethically, fiscally, responsibly. . . in fact, I stuggle to find an area where we have increased.

America's train is off the tracks and careening out of control. It may continue to skid along for another mile or so, but eventually it will come to rest and everything will grind to a halt. Irresponsible governance cannot continue on this course for long. My only hope is that there is some infrastructure left to rebuild upon after the wrecking crew presently in DC have gone.

I'm reminded of an old TV commercial where a car leaves the roadway at a high rate of speed, and is flying off a cliff. One of the two occupants of the vehicle turns to the other and says "That can't be good."

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