Tuesday, February 9, 2010


President Obama is the most partisan president in American history. Polls show that Obama's agendas have been more divisive than any presidential administration's agendas, polarizing America even more split into two camps along party lines. His latest ploy to bring cameras to the White House and invite the minority party to "put aside their partisan differences" is nothing but a ploy to lure Republicans into a trap where the entire deck is stacked against them in order to wangle concessions out of them on health care under duress. He has no intentions of engaging in a non-partisan debate or listening to the minority side of the health care issue. If he had, cameras would have been in Congress, not at the White House, on a neutral playing field, instead of Obama's home turf, and it would have been during legislative session where real votes could have occurred instead of some kind of "staged" White House meeting where nothing is on the table. This is nothing more than grandstanding on the part of the President and an attempt to make the minority party look bad.

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