Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sharia Law

Please don't tell me how having Sharia Law in this country is no different than our own laws, because obviously, you don't know.
I spent a considerable amount of time in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. I was there long enough to see things with my own eyes that most people should never have to see.
I watched as a woman who was injured in a car accident was thrown into the back seat of a man's car in the burning heat of the day, with the windows rolled up, and left there until she died. Simply because he wanted another wife. That is Sharia Law.
I watched a man get maimed for life getting 40 lashes in Hafr al Batin, Saudi Arabia. I watched them string up a man and hang him for stealing.  Little girls are raped by their own fathers, then their own mothers cut out their genitals in female genital mutilation. . . this is Sharia Law.
I saw a little boy get his arm deliberately run over by a car because he was caught stealing. I heard that he later died because he was not given any medical attention. This is Sharia Law.
Little children get their hand cut off for stealing, and it makes no difference if they were stealing simply because they were hungry. This is Sharia Law.
Women are raped every day, and then later stoned to death, because somehow, it was their fault because of the way they were dressed. This is Sharia Law.
And now, there is a movement in this country to bring those barbarians into our homeland who commit these atrocities, and call them "refugees."  I am shocked to tears.  You have no idea what you are bringing here. Those who practice and live by Sharia Law are animals.  They consider you subhuman, an infidel, and worthy of death.
So, don't tell me how having Sharia Law would be no different than living under our own laws, because you are obviously ignorant beyond all description. Or, how bringing those people here is somehow "humane," because if you want these barbarians around your children, you are simply too ignorant to comprehend the consequences of your actions.
I know one thing,. . . if you continue to bring these animals here by the hundreds of thousands, America will never be the same again. She will be forever changed into a battlefield of riots and chaos. That is Sharia Law.


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate you reading what I have written.