Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sharia Law

Please don't tell me how having Sharia Law in this country is no different than our own laws, because obviously, you don't know.
I spent a considerable amount of time in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. I was there long enough to see things with my own eyes that most people should never have to see.
I watched as a woman who was injured in a car accident was thrown into the back seat of a man's car in the burning heat of the day, with the windows rolled up, and left there until she died. Simply because he wanted another wife. That is Sharia Law.
I watched a man get maimed for life getting 40 lashes in Hafr al Batin, Saudi Arabia. I watched them string up a man and hang him for stealing.  Little girls are raped by their own fathers, then their own mothers cut out their genitals in female genital mutilation. . . this is Sharia Law.
I saw a little boy get his arm deliberately run over by a car because he was caught stealing. I heard that he later died because he was not given any medical attention. This is Sharia Law.
Little children get their hand cut off for stealing, and it makes no difference if they were stealing simply because they were hungry. This is Sharia Law.
Women are raped every day, and then later stoned to death, because somehow, it was their fault because of the way they were dressed. This is Sharia Law.
And now, there is a movement in this country to bring those barbarians into our homeland who commit these atrocities, and call them "refugees."  I am shocked to tears.  You have no idea what you are bringing here. Those who practice and live by Sharia Law are animals.  They consider you subhuman, an infidel, and worthy of death.
So, don't tell me how having Sharia Law would be no different than living under our own laws, because you are obviously ignorant beyond all description. Or, how bringing those people here is somehow "humane," because if you want these barbarians around your children, you are simply too ignorant to comprehend the consequences of your actions.
I know one thing,. . . if you continue to bring these animals here by the hundreds of thousands, America will never be the same again. She will be forever changed into a battlefield of riots and chaos. That is Sharia Law.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Together We Served

Together We Served

I would like to invite all of my military friends to join me on TogetherWeServed.com. This is a website designed to help soldiers re-connect with old friends they served with and re-unite with units they served in.
I have enjoyed building a timeline, if, for no other purpose than allowing my grandchildren to be able to see where their grandfather served.
So, if you, or someone you know has served in the military, invite them to join TogetherWeServed.com. It is a tremendous website for veterans.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukranians new Nazis?

Ukranians new Nazis?
Jews coming out of a synagogue in Ukraine were told they needed to register as Jews and pay a hefty tax or face having their assets confiscated and themselves arrested.  Not since Nazi Germany has such antisemitism existed on this planet.
While leaders here in America have publicly condemned the action by the Ukrainian government, there has been almost a total blackout in the mainstream media who are protecting President Obama from critics who claim he has had a "toothless" approach to Vladimar Putin's recent takeover of the Crimean peninsula.
Absent also, are threats by any world or country's leaders to do anything about it, also reminiscent of Nazi Germany, when the entire world turned their collective heads while Hitler annihilated the Jewish population.
Such actions cannot be tolerated. World leaders must act swiftly and decisively to put down these actions.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Putting Enemy Combatants on Criminal Trial


     Putting enemy combatants on trial in American civilian courts is wrong on almost every level, and sets an extremely dangerous precedent. It is dangerous because it begs Muslim countries to try our soldiers in kangaroo courts in their countries for violations of Islamic law and other law: a quid pro quo in the asking.  And, as a matter of fact, there would be little difference.
     The second reason we should not make a practice of trying enemy combatants in American civilian criminal courts is that most have committed no crime, at least, no violation of American criminal statute.  When did me make foreigners, on foreign soil, subject to American judicial jurisprudence? They should not be subject to American law at all while in a foreign country; only the laws of warfare established under the Geneva Convention, and that by military tribunal.
     This display of ignorance on the part of our Commander in Chief (who has never served in the military), and his illustrious attorney general, Eric Holder, epitomizes what is wrong with our country. It represents a lawyer's interpretation of something that would be best left to the military. Additionally, it makes a mockery of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Courts Martial among all of the branches of service, and military tribunals.
     Every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine should be screaming in protest at this latest attempt to usurp all military authority. It is a slap in the face to America's military and to every individual soldier, sailor, airman, and marine, whether they are on active duty, retired, or veterans.
     Additionally, it puts American civilians serving abroad unduly in harms way, since it is only a matter of time before retribution will begin over this violation of the laws of warfare.  I find it difficult to believe that more people aren't up-in-arms over this slight to America's military, and that foreign countries haven't already retaliated in-kind. But, mark my words. . . it is only a matter of time before both happens.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day Freedom Died. . .

     November 6, 2012. . . a day I thought I'd never see in America. Today is the day that the United States of America reached the tipping point of no turning back from becoming a socialistic society. The socialists of America (progressives), now have more people on entitlement programs that there are workers, consequently, elections in this country, from this point forward, are pre-determined.
     People who call themselves "conservatives" in this country now number only a meager thirty-five percent, so there simply are not enough people left with truly American values who can defend the Constitution.
     President Obama will now have the opportunity to appoint, at least two, far left-leaning, progressive judges. My guess is that they will be Muslim and anti-American.  With them in place, he can finish the job he has already started of shredding the Constitution of the United States.
     He will completely circumvent the House of Representatives by continuing to use Executive Orders (EOs) to legislate from the executive branch, any laws he needs to operate his cabinet offices.
Through gerrymandering and re-districting, he will accomplish the task, in two years, of gaining the House of Representatives.  Then, with a complete Congress and the Supreme Court, the United States Constitution will be re-written through a series of Socialist-centered Amendments. It will be a fait accompli. . . an accomplished fact.
     So, today, in my opinion, is as sad a day for America as was Pearl Harbor or 911. True, no one died today. . . . but freedom died.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Celebrity Backlash

     The new liberal practice of villifying any and all people of celebrity status who come out against President Obama is unsettling and strangely Orwellian. Actress Stacey Dash is the latest to come under fire by the liberal media for tweeting her support for Mitt Romney. Dash tweeted "Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future," after which she received such responses as "Kill yourself," and "You poor beautiful idiot."
     Dash has been called such names as Aunt Tom, Oreo, and others I can't post here. Dash is not the first to go through this Hollywood hazing process. Cheryl Ladd, Stephen Baldwin, Tom Selleck, James Caan, and Clint Eastwood, among others have been castigated for coming out in favor of conservative candidates.
     What makes all this so ironic is these are the same people who scream "tolerance."  These are the same folks who descry others for their lack of acceptance for opposing views, when theirs is usually the most outlandish and displeasing to the majority of Americans.
     There is an old saying "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones."  Certainly, liberals live in glass houses.  Their positions are usually the most unsupported of all positions among most Americans. For this reason, liberals should be the last to point fingers and engage in name-calling, yet, of late, they seem to be the first.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Overreaching power of executive branch and official misconduct

Recent events have forced me to speak out on the overreaching power grab of the executive branch of government into what should be legislative branch operations. First, the overuse of executive orders (EOs) to legislate while in the office of chief executive. And, especially, executive orders which have the full force and effect of law. One recent example is the overreaching executive order giving the President authority over all of America's resources in the event of an emergency, while not defining what constitutes an emergency.

This is especially troubling in light of the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has ordered 450 million rounds of .40 cal ammunition with no statement as to what the ammunition will be used for or what its purpose will be.

Finally, the awarding of grants has been completely taken over by the executive branch and grants seem to be awarded only to those companies and organizations whose ideology align with the current administration. Such mishandling and misappropriating of federal grants for political purposes circumvents the legislative processes and creates an environment that is not science-friendly, but instead, liberal-friendly.

Case in point is Solyndra. A company bought out immediately prior to receiving a grant from the federal government for millions of dollars, while producing no products and hiring no new employees. With no accountability and outcries from the public, the mainstream media appears to want the entire fiasco swept under the rug. Did those millions of dollars find their way back into liberal coffers to be used in the upcoming election???

Equally troubling is President Obama's condemnation of the American soldier who allegedly shot 16 Afghan nationals. Where was his outcry or outrage when Maj. Nidal Hasan murdered innocent men and women at Killeen, Texas? Instead, Obama labeled the Killeen shootings as "an unfortunate case of workplace violence." Never mind that one shooting occurred by a Muslim, and the other by an American soldier.

Never before in modern history have the media so miserably failed to provide an objective observation of world events. Instead, blatantly biased propaganda appears to be rolling out of nearly every major news corporation with the exception of Fox News. With that one exception, there are no journalists today, only pseudo-journalists working as hirelings for the liberal left. Americans are left with a one-sided, opinionated view in 99% of all newscasts.

Just as alarming is the obvious cover-up, the likes of which have not occurred since Watergate. Turning a blind eye to President Obama's ability to meet eligibility criteria to hold the office of President of the United States. With the single exception of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, no other official agency has even questioned or vetted him in the process. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is, in all likelihood, guilty of gross misconduct in her handling of the Constitutionally-mandated vetting process and should be procecuted for felonies and high crimes while in office.