Monday, December 13, 2010

What Constitution???

The usurpation of the United States Constitution by local governments has gone entirely too far. If the U.S. Supreme C0urt doesn't step in soon, it may be too late.

When an American veteran and war hero is told he can't fly the American flag on his own property, we've gone too far. When a cross has to be removed from private property, we've gone too far. When students are no longer allowed to say a prayer in a public school, we've gone too far. When an American citizen is convicted and sent to prison for 8 years for possession of a firearm that was safely locked in the trunk of his car, unloaded, and disassembled. . . we've gone too far.

City councils now have the authority to write city ordinances that have the full force and effect of law, and are doing so with practically no regard, whatsoever, for the U.S. Constitution. From ridiculous zoning ordinances to outlandish firearms laws. . . these political entities have all lost their collective minds and represent chaos at its worst.

The freedoms our soldiers of present and past generations fought for are, each day, abdicated to these fiefdoms whose rule is worse than the hated Shire Reeves of 15th Century England. Politics in this country was once respected. It is now feared and hated. How much longer until we have complete mob rule and vigilante justice by these thugs in city hall???

It is time for the U.S. Supreme court to ACT! If a city government convicts an American citizen and sends him to prison for legally owning a weapon, (I said, legally), then that city government should be prosecutred by the federal government to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!

We did it for other civil rights, . . . we can do it again. It is time to elect legislators, Congress and Senate members with ETHICS! Stop bowing to political correctness, and stand up for EVERY Amendment to the U.S. Constitution instead of picking and choosing which ones we THINK are important and ought to be enforced!!!

Enough is enough! Stop city hall NOW!!!

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