Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukranians new Nazis?

Ukranians new Nazis?
Jews coming out of a synagogue in Ukraine were told they needed to register as Jews and pay a hefty tax or face having their assets confiscated and themselves arrested.  Not since Nazi Germany has such antisemitism existed on this planet.
While leaders here in America have publicly condemned the action by the Ukrainian government, there has been almost a total blackout in the mainstream media who are protecting President Obama from critics who claim he has had a "toothless" approach to Vladimar Putin's recent takeover of the Crimean peninsula.
Absent also, are threats by any world or country's leaders to do anything about it, also reminiscent of Nazi Germany, when the entire world turned their collective heads while Hitler annihilated the Jewish population.
Such actions cannot be tolerated. World leaders must act swiftly and decisively to put down these actions.

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