Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day Freedom Died. . .

     November 6, 2012. . . a day I thought I'd never see in America. Today is the day that the United States of America reached the tipping point of no turning back from becoming a socialistic society. The socialists of America (progressives), now have more people on entitlement programs that there are workers, consequently, elections in this country, from this point forward, are pre-determined.
     People who call themselves "conservatives" in this country now number only a meager thirty-five percent, so there simply are not enough people left with truly American values who can defend the Constitution.
     President Obama will now have the opportunity to appoint, at least two, far left-leaning, progressive judges. My guess is that they will be Muslim and anti-American.  With them in place, he can finish the job he has already started of shredding the Constitution of the United States.
     He will completely circumvent the House of Representatives by continuing to use Executive Orders (EOs) to legislate from the executive branch, any laws he needs to operate his cabinet offices.
Through gerrymandering and re-districting, he will accomplish the task, in two years, of gaining the House of Representatives.  Then, with a complete Congress and the Supreme Court, the United States Constitution will be re-written through a series of Socialist-centered Amendments. It will be a fait accompli. . . an accomplished fact.
     So, today, in my opinion, is as sad a day for America as was Pearl Harbor or 911. True, no one died today. . . . but freedom died.

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