Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

During the Battle of Mobile Bay, I believe, it was David Farragut who said "Damn the torpedoes,. . . full speed ahead!" Athough successful, many military analysts have suggested this course of action was neither wise nor prudent, and Farragut's victory was more chance than skill.

Rear Admiral David Farragut rashly ordered his ship to charge, full speed, through a minefield that had already claimed one of the Union's Ironclads. Such decisions, most often, do not end well. Captain Edward Smith found that out on the maiden voyage of the Titanic when ordering "full speed ahead" even after ice had been spotted in the water.

At the helm of our 'ship of state' today is a brash and reckless skipper named Barak Hussein Obama, who is charging our nation into a minefield, seemingly oblivious to the pain and suffering that will undoubtedly result from his ill-advised actions.

Here are just a few of his brash decisions: (1) ordering the firing of the CEO of a private corporation in deference to liberal ideologies rather than Constitutional mandates (2) offering a lucrative presidential appointment to Joe Sestak in order to keep him from filling Obama's old senate seat (3) taking advice from Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder about Arizona's law that they hadn't even read (4) kicking Israel's prime minister out of the White House in breach of long-standing and important protocols (5) in Chavez-like fashion, federalizing the entire healthcare system in collusion with a corrupt congress even after every poll showed that 75% of Americans were against it (6) granting to the EPA powers never intended by congress and bypassing senate confirmation of, what should have been, legislative bills (7) appointing to the U.S. Supreme Court a person who has never served as a judge -- even a single day! (8) reducing by one-third the number of press conferences refusing to take questions; and in Politburo/Kremlin fashion, setting in place a propaganda machine to vet Elena Kagan, bypassing the entire White House press corps (9) appointing unqualified Czars to posts and granting them powers never intended by congress with no senate confirmation (10) appointing federal judges simply because they are biased, rather than appointing justices on the basis of not having a bias. (11) failing to protect the citizens of the United States by gutting the entire intelligence community and castrating all of our agents and spies with threats of lawsuits (12) appointing as attorney general of the United States, a person who holds 'attorney-client privilege' with over 18 known terrorists as their former defense attorney from Guantanamo Bay.

These, my friends, are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to post, as you see fit, other failings of the present administration. If George W. Bush had done ANY of the above, the left would be LIVID! They would be 'shouting it from the rooftops!' We simply cannot afford to be silent any longer. Speak out against the tyranny and injustice of the Obama Regime. . . or forever be silenced and cowed into submission by this socialist government.

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