Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bernie Kerik's Case Not Unique

Although Bernard Kerik's case represents a gross miscarriage of justice and a liberal witch-hunt, it is not the first time a judicial blunder of such magnitude has occurred.

Consider the case of Alvin York, better known as 'Sergeant York.' York was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War I for bravery in action against the German Army in Europe. He was also awarded many other decorations for heroism, gallantry and intrepidity.

Following his return from the War, York traveled across the U.S. raising War Bonds for the U.S. Treasury Department and helping the war effort.

During World War II, York again advertized for the U.S. Treasury and raised War Bonds totalling millions of dollars.

After all he had done, you would think America would appreciate, not only his heroism and valor under fire, but lending his name and purpose to assist in the cause of freedom by raising millions of dollars for the U.S. Government in War Bonds. This was not the case.

In 1951, possibly because of York's outspoken conservatism, a liberal-controlled House and Senate went after York. The IRS found York guilty of tax evasion for a movie that had been made about York's life, even though he had not received the proceeds, but had donated them to the building of a school.

Had it not been for a pardon from President John F. Kennedy, York would probably have served time in prison!

How quickly we forget our nation's heroes and allow them to become political scapegoats! Shame on you America! It wasn't the preacher, or the politician, or even the judge, who granted us liberty, but the soldier on the battlefield won our liberty with his blood, sweat, toil, and tears. We owe him respect and consideration.

Bernard Kerik is such a hero. He served his country in the U.S. Army in Korea and Germany during the Cold War. Then, he served as a law enforcement officer, rising through the ranks of the NYPD to become the 40th Police Commissioner. He then served President Bush in Iraq as the first Minister of the Interior.

Then, like Sergeant York, a liberal witch hunt turned into an IRS collaboration for tax evasion and for misusing city contractors, and now Bernie is serving 4 years in prison!!!

How quickly they forget America's heroes!

I call on all decent-minded citizens to demand Bernard Kerik's release and full exoneration and to be pardoned by the President like Sergeant York was pardoned. If we allow this travesty of justice to befall one of our heroes. . . It may be you that is next!

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