Thursday, November 4, 2010

2012 In Perspective

In examining the map of states in play for national and state elections in 2012, one thing becomes readily apparent, and that is that all of the 'big' states are out of play. For example, the large states where Democrats could, predictably, pick up large numbers of Congressional seats are all out of play. The largest Democratically-held states that are out of play are California, New York, and Florida. These were all decided during the 2010 elections. What that means for Republicans is the possibility of picking up even more Congressional and Senatorial seats in 2012 than they did in 2010. If you look at the map closely, the states that are 'in play' are the heartland states . . . the states that Republicans typically win. What this means is that Democrats will, in all likelyhood, NOT pick up any more states, and Republicans, through re-districting following the 2010 Census, could pick up many more.

The bottom line is this: Republicans had better not blow it in the next two years. There will be every attempt by the Democrats to discredit and malign the Republican national platform. There will be the usual 'scare tactics' that Republicans are going to do away with Medicare, Social Security and food stamps. However, the one thing that Republicans MUST do between now and 2012 is to stay focused.

The people of the United States are demanding action. They need to see an up-or-down vote to repeal Obamacare within 60 days of January 20th. They need to see efforts to defund the most massive spending bill in American history. They need to see job-creation bills and public works projects that do more than just give lip service for 'shovel-ready' jobs.

What America needs to see is a Congress that WORKS. Subpoenas need to be immediately issued to investigate the fraud taking place in electioneering, to include charges brought against George Soros. The conviction of Bernard Kerik needs to be investigated, among others and the kickback that Judge Stephen Robinson accepted in the wake of that trial.

Barney Frank's connection to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae should be examined, and there should be concerted efforts to purge the graft and corruption that have been the hallmarks of the Obama administration.

And, more than anything else, the American people need to know that Congress is REPRESENTING THEM, and not thumbing their collective noses at 'We the People.'

We, the people, have spoken during this election. Unless Washington listens, we will speak again, loudly, in 2012.

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