Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nullification of Voter Intent

I am saddened that we have reached the point in this country when voters no longer matter. When the Electoral College decides the presidency, and gerrymandering occurs that actually selects who the 'electors' are. When one federal judge can decide to throw out a state referendum in which the electorate of that state have, in a vast majority opinion, stated their views.

We have actually reached a period of 'minority rule' in which the courts, at the urging of the ACLU, trial lawyers, labor unions, and other liberal organizations can opine that the voters simply don't matter.

Congress has been effectively neutered by 'executive orders' and actions through administrative organizations like the SEC, DOJ, DOL, EPA, et al., ad nauseum. . . . and are effectively legislating from the White House. And, to make matters worse, what executive orders isn't covering, the Supreme Court is 'legislating from the bench' to cover!

Meanwhile, Congress, which has oversight authority over administrative offices, are abdicating their authority resulting in fiascos like the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster where nobody knew who was in charge or where their orders were coming from!

Congressmen and Senators have thumbed their collective noses at the American voter and in legislative action after legislative action, rendered decisions that every single poll in America is clear upon . . . that the American people do not favor.

I cannot say what the result of all this collective indifference will result in, but I can say this. When those elected by the people to 'represent them' fail in their duties to act as emissaries of those they are subordinate to, they, themselves, undermine the very system to which they were appointed or elected to serve, and render their own positions within such a system as meaningless.

Malicious and deliberate indifference shown in this past year by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will not, and should not, go unpunished. The media may have a short collective memory, but the voters. . . . those slighted and maligned by these miscreants. . . . will not soon forget the refuse bin into which they have been cast by this lot.

November cannot come too quickly for me. And, my prayer is that a resounding cry will emanate from deep within the very souls of the downtrodden voter 'let's take back what is rightfully ours. . . the government of the United States of America.'

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