Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In order to garner public support for his health care initiative, President Obama is vilifying the insurance industry in the media. And yet, while is demonizing them publicly, insurance companies stand to gain $366 billion under the table and will benefit enormously from Obama's health care plan. This epitomizes the kind of blatant hypocricy that is typical of this administration. They vilified corporate CEO bonuses, but then turned around and awarded millions to AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac executives in bonuses AFTER they received a government bailout from the financial crisis that these same CEOs and executives probably caused! Obama says one thing publicly, then does another (sometimes the opposite) privately. He stated publicly that his health care bill would NOT pay for abortions with taxpayer dollars, then turned around and told the folks at Planned Parenthood that his plan would GUARANTEE public funding for abortions. With this administration, you don't have to wonder where they stand. Just look at what they say publicly, then expect them to do something under the table to undermine the law in order to advance their own socialist agenda.

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